Rain Lilies

Rain lilies are aptly named because they usually bloom 3-5 days after a good soaking rain. They will bloom sporadically during their bloom season (late spring through early fall depending on the selection), but they make their big "splash" after it rains. Enjoy!

Yellow Rain Lily (40 bulbs)


Available Now! Zephyranthes citrinaWe most often see Zephyranthes citrina blooming in Houston and other areas along the Gulf Coast, such as St. Petersburg, Florida. One of the first places I remember seeing them bloom was in the historic neighborhood of...

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White Rain Lily - 1 gallon pot


Zephyranthes candida (White Rain Lily) This is a one gallon pot of White Rain Lily bulbs. One of the most widely adapted rain lilies in the South, this late summer/fall bloomer quickly clumps into impressive clusters of white star-shaped flowers. It...

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Labuffarosa Pink Rain Lily - 1 Gallon


Zephyranthes labuffarosaThere is perhaps no more wonderful way to grace your summer gardens than with the impressive blooms of this late August/September blooming rain lily. Late summer rain showers will trigger the first of 3-4 blooms showing light pink...

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