About Us

The Southern Bulb Company, comprised of Chris and his bride, Rebecca, (plus friends and family), seeks to recapture something that was once "lost" to the warm-climate gardener: bulbs that thrive in temperate to hot and humid climates, many of which are heirloom and easy to grow flower bulbs. Our focus is to provide bulbs that will do excellent with little to no care for the home gardener!

Chris Wiesinger

Chris founded The Southern Bulb Company to share his finds with the world. Since the New York Times story of his life as a bulb collector and farmer, Chris has been known nationally as “The Bulb Hunter.” What started as a personal passion and college project at Texas A&M in College Station turned into a lifestyle and business. In addition to running his business, he has gained attention for his motivational, educational and entertaining speeches on the challenges of small business life and the passion of reclaiming heirloom flower bulbs that had once fallen out of fashion and off the market. 



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